Friends Pioneer is governed by the Board of Trustees whose responsibility is to formulate policy directions and governance regulations. The Board also hold in trust the assets of the Organization on behalf of the members. The Board include a Chairman, a Treasurer, a Secretary and four members, where it has to be gender balance.

Friends Pioneer believes in deciding at the board meetings and the decisions are always voted out and the majority decisions are always taken.

All of the Board members work part-time voluntarily for the organization but Friend Pioneer’s chairman, Joseph Olale, who works full time for the organization. Joseph Olale initiates most of Friends Pioneer’s project and sees them implemented.

It is the duty and responsibility of Friend Pioneer’s chairman to keep and maintain all Friends Pioneer’s sponsors. This is done by providing reports and keeping communications with them. It is also his duty and responsibility to find and increase the number of sponsors. This is done by fundraising, proposal writing and contacts thorough the website.

Friends Pioneer work in close partnerships with six organizations and a number of individual child-supporters. The organizations assist in finding sponsors for the children, as well as supporting in other ways to reach a sustainable development for the organization and continuous support for the orphans.

Board officials

Chairman: Joseph Olale
Secretary: Laurine Okoth
Treasurer: Lucky Omondi

Board members:

Fides Obonya
Linda Akinyi
Vivienne Akinya
Pope Olale


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    • FriendsPioneer Says:

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