Tip Top School

The children supported via Friends Pioneer get eduction nursery, primary and secondary school. They are given School fees, Uniforms, material and help with lunch. The children goes to different schools, we have to schools of our own TipTop Community School and St Joseph Secondary school. 

 Tip Top Community school was funded by Volvo U-hjälp 2007 via www.miljogiraff.se 


The school is running well but we have widen our approach so that we can compete with the schools around the community and make the school  pay itself and improve the school facilities. 

 Work plan, by marketing this we can create awareness in the community around and attract local funders: 

  • Building a two room-structure, this will enable us to accommodate more pupils.
  • Improvement of facilities both indoor and outdoor, i.e. swings, playing kits and learning materials.
  • Beautification of the compound, this will involve living and non living pupils,  i.e. painting, planting trees and flowers, landscaping.
  • Building gate, for security reasons and control movement of animals in the compound.
  • Employment of a manager and teaching staff that will ease coordination, supervision.

Have a look at the photoalbum! 

Volvo Employed Development Aid Organisation (VUH), sponsored the building of the school and have now decide to continue their sponsoring!

The support will do following: 

  • New toilets.
  • Running water to the toilets.
  • Fencing of the school.
  • Planting Avocado at the school yard.
  • Installation of gas fired stove, 15 kg Cylinder.
  • Goats to the goat bank.
  • Solar power (or alternative electricity supply) to installation for IT- café. If it is cost efficient.
  • Man power for building at the school and developing the school facilities.


Our old toaletts



Blog posts: 6/12-2010


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