Organisations and private people who sponsor Friends Pioneer, may be listed below. Please send us your picture as logo to marcus@miljogiraff.se .

So far we have 65 sponsors from Sweden!

Different ways of supporting may be:
Working as volunteer
Sponsring children
Funding of education facilities
Investing in income generating activities
Donate and shipp clothes, computers and more
You can also support by marketing Friends Pioneer


5 Responses to “Sponsors”

  1. marcuswendin Says:

    The Swedish sponsoring so far:
    2008: 91 326 SEK
    2007: 77 287 SEK
    2006: 9 650 SEK
    2005: 3 500 SEK

  2. Irene W maina Says:

    am irene from tanzania,i study journalism in tanzania,i have been loitering around webs looking for a sponsor for my education.anyone who could sponsor me to get a nice media education,God will pay him/her back.i want to be the best journalist from Tanzania and i believe i can.

  3. Labonne Says:

    Hi i am jennyta from Mauritius and humbly ask for an assistance concerning my education .please call me on +2307399031 if u want further details . My family cannot provide me money to pursue my studies please help me .thank you and may may God bless you for the wonderful thing you are doing in helping others

  4. Jackson - Fortidas Says:

    am Jackson from TANZANIA, my problem is that i have failed to pay university requirements including fees and other needs because i am coming from the low income family which can not manage to pay all needs, my self am interested in education please can you assist me to continue with my study, thanks.

  5. Danut Says:

    hello sir , my name Danut are from Romania and I wish you health and happiness ! My request is , I have 10 brothers I’m the biggest Danut G and I call myself 22 years ! It is very hard at school all ! And please very much if you could help us ! Only my parents working on a very small salary 600 lei, 150 euro is coming ! Very little money and many expenses are all in school ! We can not handle! If God put on the heart to help us with some money ! God will reward you for making it a great good ! I had a 7.5 ton truck with his family maintained my parents , but a serious accident and I lost everything ! Now I have the opportunity to purchase my new truck! and I got really bad ! If you want to help us danutdriver@yahoo.com My Email or Phone No. +40730279041 Or No Account in Euro: 
    Account number in euro: R069BRDE020SV52506700200
    In favor of Danut
    Thank you with all my heart if you want to help a poor family with many children !Fondly Danut

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