Welcome to Friends Pioneer

Friends Pioneer is a non-profit, non-political gender balanced, voluntary organization. The Organization is registered with the Kenya Government (GoK) Ministry of Gender, Sports, culture and social services. The organization mobilizes recruitments of youth groups and individuals in Kisumu around Lake Victoria and the catchments are Kenya and solicit sponsorship funds from friendly donors/individuals also the organization partners with other funding sources for implementing the organization programs with the view to improving the quality of Life.

Our Vision

A holistic approach to Develop Orphans/ and Youths to become focused and self reliant as well as being employable.

Our Mission

To mobilize Orphans, identify felt needs and to design a participatory programs as well as identify funding sources for implementing the activities for attaining it’s Objectives.

Supported directly by:
Miljögiraff Swedish coordinator and collector of sponsorship.miljogiraff-logga-2007-kopiera

GOOD WORLD AB provide a movie

5 Responses to “FriendsPioneer”

  1. marcuswendin Says:

    Latest comments from Joseph:
    Fwe!!! Doing too much things at the same time.I have been a Father chrismass for long. met people reallyLikes it and some always think how wired I am what made me take the cloths and what do i gain out of it?? Using too much money on kids hehehehehe. Told them that i am a poor father Chrismass just depend on donation and I LOVE making kids happy. Most people like it they say that I would want to be a politician next seson this is why am doing it hehehehe.

    Runing round with kids after me.

    Football is Gone and I am planning to work on something for football hey Got a magic footballer age 12 really need a nice team. hehe giving you a home work try to help look for a club in sweden for this boy hehe. had a girls team too they challeged me. Why are you making Boy foot ball why not girls. So I decided to make a girls team too. but they had nothing to compete over but I promised Heven on earth on football development.

    Hope you and Asa are coooool.

    Merry Xmass.

  2. arnold odongo Says:

    Hi Joseph,
    i bumped on this site and was really impressed with what you are doing for the community in Nyalenda, keep it it up and may you be blessed.

  3. mwigo God Says:

    am also ugandan boy looking for sponsor for my education and totaly block becacuse no one caring about me so i need ang good samalitant help me i wiil be more happy if my request meet into your consideration by sending me a reply on my email address which is

  4. bryson adira Says:

    am so greatfull for this loocking for asponsor to help me pay my sisters operation….email me at…thanx

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