Biogas for cooking food

We are happy to bring upp “Biogas for cooking” from project ideas to actually running projects so its making a progress.

In 2009 Sofi Karlsson Lund and Camilla Rydén were doing a prestudy for the biogas project in Kisumu. They were sending some stories from the life in Kisumu.

Now in 2010 Claes will develop a  project to establish “gas for cooking” as an alternative to charcoal, read about it in the blog here, this is a continuation of the prestudy Sofia and Camilla made.

What are the obstacles for the people in Nyalenda to use gas instead of coal?

Deforestation is the single largest root cause to many problems facing Kenya. It causes increased run off to lake Victoria and consequently eutrophication. The forest cover is decreased from 10-2 % of the land area. CO2 capture is thus decreased, many species are dying out and large areas are drying out.

The use of coal for cooking is the main purpose. Most often cutting trees is not allowed and the activity is thus criminal. Still it is happening at increasing rate!

Using natural gas is available and not more expensive. Producing and selling biogas seem to be a good option that can provide a sustainable income for many people.


Leo by the gicko, cooking with coal..


4 Responses to “Biogas”

  1. marcuswendin Says:

    Via Marcus, is this letter from Sofi Karlsson Lund and Camilla Rydén who are now doing the prestudy for the biogas project.

    Jambo rafikis ( hello friends in kiswahili)!
    For those of you who don’t know I’ve reached the equator once again…and this time I’m living in Nyalenda, a slum in the outskirts of Kisumu (the third largest city in Kenya, right by the Victoira lake)!
    So what’s it like to live in a Kenyan shanty town? well, it’s not like the favelas in brazil where everyother person carries a gun. Nyalenda is very safe. all you need to look out for is cow dung and smelly liquids on the ground! Ppl are very friendly and it already feels like my second home thanks to our local friends Joseph. He is a very respected man (and like an inofficail leader of nyalenda) who runs 2 schools for orphans and raises money to support 70 children. He has a big heart and can make any street glue-boy or grandma laugh! so we are in good hands…
    we were out last friday and got into the kenyan music vibe and i’m still amazed by the shape of kenyas arses, wow! we went with Joseph and his 2 brothers who watched over me and camilla as if we were their sistaz:) so when a man approached one of us in an unpleasent way, he would be thrown out in a second! Hakuna matata!
    However, the sights in Nyalenda is not glamourous, the ground consist of 50% soil 50% waste and a lot of ppl live below the poverty line. but they are still cheerful and I get to know new ppl every day. I also like the african pace. The word stress doesn’t exist, you walk somewhere, stop and talk to everyother person. we baught fish on the street last night and we hung out chatting to the locals while the fish was being cooked. no rush, just chillin. i like IT!

    Before i go i just want to share one of the highlights of this week….THE MASAI WARIOR!
    A couple of nights ago i woke up from an earth tremor and i thought there was someone sneaking around in our garden. i woke joseph up and he realized i was pretty scared. so the next day he got, not only one Masai, but 3 masai wariorrs to guard the house! i was jumping up and down of exitement. Masai ppl are nomads living on the border to Tanzania. They dress in purple/red cloaks and are known for their plate earings and goat blood. They are one of the few tribes who have preserved their culture and lifestyle. Joseph tells us they are extremely trustworthy and are the only ones permitted to carry knives, bows and arrows in Kenya. I’m so amazed. Joseph and i had a chat with one of them (Moses) last night. He asked Joseph wether i was his wife! no, we’ve only know eachother for 5 days, he resonded laughing! I think I’ll buy a small world map for Moses because he asked if sudan and sweden are the same country. so he probably doesn’t know what europe is. anyway, i’m so thrilled, hopefully i’ll get to try his bow and arrow;)

    Sawa sawa

  2. Marcus Wendin Says:

    Hi, “gas for cooking” is making progress.
    Last year we started off with 4 swedish students doing a prestudy. Now two more (Claes and Rasmus) will go to Kisumu! They will develop a project to establish “gas for cooking” as an alternative to charcoal. The two swedish students Claes and Rasmus will work on a project in Kisumu! The project is going to try to establish gas for cooking as an alternative to charcoal.
    In Kenya, the use of charcoal for cooking the main reason for the deforesting, which leads to significant environmental problems. It is the biggest climate impact.
    The will also try to bring football clothes for teams in Nyalenda Football Cup. The cup started in 2006 and the idea was that a fotbollscup can create social networks for children in Nyalenda. You can read more in the blog post below.

  3. Noel Bromberg Says:

    Very good site, where did you come up with the info in this blog post? I’m pleased I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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