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    Hello I request for you parternship to reach out to the poor in Western Kenya. We deal mostly with youths to gather resources.God bless you.

  2. tenaciousgodfrey Says:

    Hello, am Godfrey from Nairobi, i have a project that can help so many young people but funding it has been so difficult and through this project of Nurturing young talents, so many will gain from it and change some people’s lives.
    I have a proposal through which can be accessed only in hard copy. Those who wish to help are welcomed as they come and find out what the project entails.
    To contact me.
    +(254) 734097536
    Sponsors are humbly welcomed as you come across this.

  3. tenaciousgodfrey Says:

    Hello, Am Godfrey from Nairobi, and really need a sponsor for a very powerful project that involves nurturing young Talent and its promising that once the project kicks off, so many will benefit from it and will change so many people in the country. The project is set and only sponsors are yet. it has been tried out and it works, its all about nurturing.
    Please contact me for full information and to access proposal.

    Every support will be highly appreciated.

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