Be a friend!

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Friends Pioneer have taken them to heart and operate on that basis. We believe in helping people to help themselves. That’s one reason why Friends Pioneer believe in sustainability . The other reason is that these small Organization make a relatively small amount of money go a very long way.

We invite you to take part in this inspiring process.

The more the merrier!

As a friend, you will be informed continously about events and the development of projects. Also it will help us keeping contact.

Become a friend at Facebook or  make a donation right now!

Thums up!

Thums up!


12 Responses to “Be a friend!”

  1. morgan onyango Says:


  2. abc4all Says:

    Let’s work together!
    Burt / ABC4All

  3. kisumuwater Says:

    Good work, keep it up

  4. Ximena Says:

    You do a wonderful job! we will support as we can! Ximena-LatiCe (Latin American group of friends in Sweden)

  5. evans Says:

    grate work ,keep this grate initiative going, regards evans odula of badiliusha ecovillage foundation trustb

  6. marcuswendin Says:

    I have now a bog with cards and gifts! Please help me sell it to collect money to the new school for Friends Pioneer.
    Come to my office in Gothenburg, Sweden!

  7. rita inzai Says:

    Am pleased with your work lets work together

    • marcuswendin Says:

      Dear Rita,
      Friends Pioneer is sponsored from many individuals and organisations. It is then up to the board of Friends Pioneer to use the funding according to their judgement. We think it is the only way that we can secure a long term sustainable development.
      Together with Friends Pioneer we are doing project that contribute to sustainable development. For these we need people to be involved. The outcome of such project can be a platform for business.
      A project we are now planning is to create structure for turning waste into valuable material. The purpose is to save environment and to have more business opportunities. The goal is to have actors, knowledge and processes to recycle waste.
      Such as organic matter via compost to have soil for farming
      plastics via separation and melting to have new rawmaterials.
      metalls via separation and melting to have new rawmaterials.

      Are you interested of getting involved?!

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