Friends Pioneer Sponsors and Supporters Info

Dear Friends Pioneer Sponsors and Supporters
The first term at school started peacefully with all the sponsored students reporting back to school without fail.
Many of the students were going back to the same school and have moved up to the next level after passing their 2012 end of year exams. For those who finished primary school and are joining high school in February 2013 the main highlight at the beginning of term is joining a new school.
All the students in the sponsorship program worked very hard and listened to the advice given by Their teachers. Who took time to guide and advise them through the exam period. They were all encouraged to attend their lessons and finish their assignments without fail. In the end everyone was impressed by their performance once the results were announced early in January.
All our students passed their exams and it is our wish that they continue to work hard and achieve good results after they join secondary schools on Monday 25th February 2013.
The 24 students who sat for KCPE exams:
• Rael Awiti Sponsored
• Everlyne Akinyi
• Caroline atieno Sponsored
• Gladys mbone Sponsored
• Moses Waigwa
• Christine Anyango
• Jane Ntoto
• Irene Awino
• Loise Waithera
• James Aseka
• Esther Wairimu
• Lucy Ngendo
• Arnold omondi
• Joshua orende
• Leornard Onyango
• Regan Otieno
• Moses Obera
• Partick Oduor
• Nelson Odhiambo
• Fredrick omondi
• David Otieno Onyango
• Dismas Anyango muyelo
• Abednego Robert
• Fredrick juma
• Amos Ogade
• Billy Yogo
• Vincent Oduor
• Amos kabis
• William Okoth
We need sponsors for the student who have not have sponsors to assist the other students They need to go for 4 years so the sponsor accepting to sponsor the above student will committee to support for 4 years.
Out of 24 only 2 did not attain enough marks to proceed to high school and we will assist them and advice them what is the best thing to do. The charity currently runs a High school. This programme will in turn have a long-term impact on reducing levels of poverty by supporting more students.
Election Period in Kenya
The next presidential elections will be held on 4th March 2013. All schools and colleges across the country will take a week’s break when Kenyans go to the polls on March 4. The half-term break will be from February 28 to March 7, to allow people to travel up country to vote. These will be the first elections held under the new constitution, which was passed during the 2010 referendum.
There are fears that Kenya could see a repeat of the problems that followed the current president’s election in 2007. However, candidates are united in reassuring voters that this time will be different and we are praying for a peaceful process.
These elections have also brought about Kenya’s first ever presidential debate which went down well with voters and pundits alike as the country heads towards a general election.
The February 11 debate in Nairobi was broadcast live by all eight Kenyan TV stations and 34 radio stations. It was also streamed on the internet to millions of viewers in the country and abroad. You can watch the debate on You Tube here >>
This televised debate focused on the candidates’ policies for governance, social services, health, education and security. A second debate, scheduled for February 25, will cover the economy, devolution, foreign policy and land problems in Kenya.
For updates during the election period visit Friends Pioneer website and Facebook page.
Planned Events for 2013
We are planning several fundraising events during the coming year to raise money for the construction of dormitories, laboratories and library at the High School something we are really in great need. Also we have a Long term Plan to build a workshops which will be used for training in carpentry, tailoring, plumbing, electrical and motor vehicle courses to help student who have not attained pass mark for High school, college to make them employable for their future.
Last Year we achieved a lot that will run of Home page and Face book this coming week Also we are happy to inform that Friends Pioneer Board is Going to Increase to a manageable Number.
May: I will be in Sweden to explain and meet the sponsors tell them how far we are and what plans we have.
Friends Pioneer Team

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