The community Goat Bank project intends to permanently lift women and youth from extreme poverty through revolving goat donations.
Women in remote rural areas of western Kenya face what we call “gender apartheid,” a denial of basic human rights including property ownership based simply on the fact they are female. These women are extremely poor and illiterate making them vulnerable to violence, ill-health and homelessness. Many young girls are out of school and unemployed. The situation is even worse for the young girls leading households and taking care of orphaned siblings without support from the community. Children on the other hand, especially those orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS scourge are left to fend for themselves making them vulnerable to drug abuse, prostitution, sexual violence and child labour.
It is from this background that through your support, we intend to launch a community Goat ‘Bank’ Project whose main objective is to create a revolving goat gifts among poor, marginalized and vulnerable women and youth within the community. Through goat rearing and passing the first goat offspring to the other family in need, instead of treading a cycle of poverty, women, youth and children in the community will be actively engaged in creative, profit-sharing businesses which will see them financially independent with the ability to own property and meet their daily financial needs including taking their children to school and accessing health care services. In addition to increased income for the beneficiaries, there will be improved food security and nutrition for the entire community through meat and milk supply. By giving women and youths the tools they need to lead healthy, economically sufficient lives, the initiative will directly impact on the health and economic well-being of a community which for a long time has faced extreme poverty and marginalization.


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  1. gold price Says:

    The project helps in bringing distressed and poor women and unemployed youth under different programs including training and self-employment. It has also initiated rural based small-scale industry and collective efforts of production. It motivates and facilitates rural poor women to form their own organization and solidarity group development for women to act collectively against all discrimination and prevention of violence against women or any other forms of discrimination in the family and society at large. There is immense opportunity for the rural poor women to put their total commitment and all out efforts in these programs. The project design is based on the belief that women would apply their efficiency and establish ownership in earned assets. They would be able to create opportunity of increasing income once they have the economic base. Since poverty alleviation is possible through proper use of the latent power in women, NUK has extended all out efforts to socio-economic development of woman by helping to create leadership and establishing small enterprises for them.

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