Robust mobile electricity supply for internet café?!

Can this be something for the Keelo Junction Internet café? read more at Hi Nation

I have just had an Interview with Esther Contreras Montero, a Master student from Royal Institute of technology KTH Stockholm Sweden in the area of Economic Innovation and Growth.

She is writing her master thesis for Media Technology and Industrial Engineering and Management departments. Her main supervisor is Professor Daniel Pargman and the preliminary title of my thesis is “The poorest internet users: A case study of Ensenada Baja California”. The goal is to map the use of Internet among the least affluent Internet users in Ensenada Baja California by hanging out in cybercafés in the least affluent parts of the city. My methods will include observations, questionnaires and interviews. One of her friends told her about Nyalenda Internet Cafe-revenues to tip- top. Read more at : PEAK oil computing!

Please enjoy a presentation I had recently about my engagement with Friends Pioneer!


2 Responses to “Robust mobile electricity supply for internet café?!”

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