News November 2011

Our joint efforts to support children in Nyalenda, Kisumu, Kenya are very successful. New land has been bought for the “St Joseph secondary school”. It will also host many other activities like youth ground for after school activities, football, water purification, compost and some own farming, and income generating activities.


*Jerry is celebrating 60 years and asking his guests to contribute to Friends Pioneer!

*We have in September 2011 given a loan on 14000 sek to the project water purification (no IR if repaid in two years). To spread the word we have also given a presentation at Pecha Kucha!

*Bo Zetterlund and Lisa Andersson has just visited Friends Pioneer to give his advice for sustainable development.

*Leif Lindblad has contributed with equipment for chemical lab at the school.

*The Bank has given a loan with low IR to the purchase of a school bus to the new compound.

*Students from Chalmers will continue to contribute with school projects. Please help us list more of our support to encourage each other!

The list of running activities:

Tip Top – School for kids 4-7 years old: -We have 8 july 2011 introduced lunch program for the children and they can now eat 2 times  with the help from the internet cafe. and some little help from some parents who can pay.

VOC support – sponsoring, planning with children and relatives: Josephs says; that food Prices it going up and in 24 hour I have had a change in price of flour meal for Ugali, went to town yesterday evening bought a paket of maize flour at 90 Ksh went in the morning today it was 120 Ksh late in the afternoon it is 150 Ksh for 2 KGs ha ha. This has made me thing of farming, farming and Farming.

Nyalenda Internet Café – revenues to Tip Top: -Josephs says; We plan to expand the cafe and Josph is talking to Claes Silfverhjelm at Skottarp about it. The plan is to bring a bigger container in Kilo and set up BIG cafe and have Friends Pioneer Office in one part, have a small Bank in another part and M pesa service you can google M pesa.

Nyalenda Guest House – center to meet and develop

WEB page

Nyalenda Football Cup – a cooperation with similar organizations

Cultural exchange –Friends Pioneer to Sweden for lectures and meetings

Alternative cooking – Improving cooking methods and fuel in Nyalenda

Tourism from Kisumu!

Goat Bank

Ideas: Compost – at the guest house, Tip top, St Joseph. Gothia Cup – Take a team from Kisumu to Gothenburg. Keep Nyalenda Clean – collecting garbage to demonstrate the difference. Cooperative Farming – Own and farm together

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