Exciting, rewarding and an overwhelming experience!

The visit to/in Nyalenda was an exciting, rewarding and an overwhelming experience. Once we arrived at Friends Pioneers guest house we realized how our everyday lives would look in the next coming 14 days. We quickly came into the routines and we were surrounded by wonderful hospitality and warm-hearted people!. The first impression we got was of all the garbage that was thrown all over where people lived and how bad it smelled because of this. The houses were either made of metal, concrete, clay or cow poop.

Everything worked well at the Guest house and we were well taken care of, we ate breakfast and dinner together with Joseph, Lucky and their friends every day. After a few days we felt safe and walked around on our own but we would not be outside after nine o’clock in the evening. The impression of the people was that they took it very easy, no stress, after a few days this philosophy affect us too and we got quickly into the way of living. Dining experience was something exotic and special but this was what we experienced the most stressful as well. We took preventive medications before the trip, but we were still effected by the food. We would recommend people visiting Kenya to stick to fruit and vegetables that can be peeled and eat fish. The fruits and vegetables that are washed in their tap water made our stomachs angry!

We visited St Josephs secondary school and Tip top school and became friends the children, youths and teachers. We were very impressed with the students’ ambitions! The atmosphere in school was joyful, much better then in Sweden. We organized clothing collections in Sweden before the trip, which we distributed to the schools. We got the chance to visit the National Park Masai Mara for a three-day safari, see the “big five” and visit the Masai-tribe. We highly recommend other students to visit Friends Pioneer in Nyalenda. What they do is extremely impressive, Joseph has a big heart. There is no school newspaper at our school but we will have two oral reports / presentations in March for all of our school.

//Hanna Gustafsson & Nathalie Jacobsson from Valla Folkhögskola

This year we have already had alot of student visiting for Friends Pioneer – with alot of energy. Valla Folkhögskola students have really worked to support Tiptop compound they started with painting and making childrens swings at Tip Top. They really supported Sven Tumbas Ideas that every child has a right to play.// FriendsPioneer


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