Loan for the Internet café

As a treasurer of INUG Stockholm I have had the privilege to be part of the IT-café container project by facilitating a loan to start up the project. The organization I represent, INUG Stockholm, which is a member of Engineers Without Borders International, provided in the beginning of 2009 a loan of KSH 100 000 to Friends Pioneer for this purpose. The loan has now been fully repaid together with the agreed interest rate for the period. From INUG Stockholm we are very happy with this project that we believe has been a success in many ways. First of all we are pleased to see a project that has come all the way from planning to implementation. We now believe that this project has provided a new type of service where it was previously not present, and thus enhanced the possibilities for a local regional community. It has also developed a new income source for Friends Pioneer that hopefully can be reinvested to further develop the local community.

The group from INUG Stockholm that has prepared the loan and handled the communication (Niklas Gustafsson, Daniel Bergman, Eskil Österling, Johan Regnström, Ken Levicki and Tobias Ljungkvist) would like to thank you for the teamwork and wish all the best for the future.
Jakob Jones, Treasurer, INUG Stockholm  INUG is a member of Engineers Without Borders International
Read more about our internet café here and have a look at it on our photo album!
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  1. rorly Says:

    hello am rorly from east africa uganda i would to apply for loan of the internet cafe based in uganda and i have all prospals with me . the cost of the cafe is 100,00 us dollars

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