FRIENDS PIONEER FAMILY IN SWEDEN AND IN KENYA Wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

As we come to the end of another year we would like to extend our thanks for your support throughout the year 2010.

We have welcomed many new sponsors in the latter part of the year which is great news for the children in need of support.

2010 has been quite a varied year for Friends Pioneer but we finish on a high note with more sponsors and more ideas and more work  hopeful 2011. Sports for education will be very successful for 2011, as well as the community work we do in schools on education brings in income to maintain and sustain the Projects as well as carrying on with the continuation of the Projects.

We hope you enjoy receiving and reading our Certificate of Appreciations with updates about the work in Kenya. If you did not receive them and would like to, please let us know so I can add you and send you one.

We hope to create a database for newsletter for 2011 for up dates that we would send in our partner’s emails

A very big thank you to all those sponsors who have helped us in our Project but mostly to

  1. Jerry Sjöberg
  2. Åsa Sjöberg
  3. Bo Zetterlund
  4. Marcus Wendin
  5. Maja Jakobsson
  6. Johanna Linder
  7. Anna Bondesson
  8. Siw-Inger Halling
  9. Claes Silfverhjelm

10.  Leif Lindblad

We also thank organization Like

  1. Lions Clubs
  2. Rotary Sweden
  3. Volvo VUH
  4. Miljogiraff
  5. INUG Goteborg and Stockholm

The G – 10 Persons  have really worked closely with Friends Pioneer in 2010 and are seeing that it works well.

Sponsors are very important to us as the child sponsorship program is a vital part of our work and really does make a difference in a child’s life. We do believe that an education leads to a better life for the sponsored child as a means of lifting the child out of poverty and bringing about eventual self sufficiency. We are unique where an individual child funds go directly to supporting general fund for the community and budgeting for all the children in our projects.

Next Year Friends Pioneer will have field staff which will be collecting letters and school reports which will be forwarded to Friends Pioneer Sponsors.

FRIENDS PIONEER FAMILY IN SWEDEN AND IN KENYA Wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

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