Friends Pioneer Child Sponsorship

Friends Pioneer child sponsorship program unites children in need with individual sponsors who wish to address the children’s immediate, basic and educational needs.

Education is a basic right for children everywhere and of vital importance for the development of a country. Education will revolutionize a child’s whole life, bringing a permanent change to the child and their entire family. Education will also begin to remove the curse of poverty from the country.
Friends Pioneer child sponsorship is basically going to have a turn by this some children have sponsors while other do not have. Therefore we are planning to budget for all our sponsored children together. This is to inform all our Sponsors that if we really help specific child it will create a class other will have good shoes, cloths and uniforms while other will not have. Friends Pioneer does not want to create any class within our children in school and in community. So we are requesting our sponsors to accept our request of burgetting for all the children within friends pioneer together to avoid creating class
We thank our sponsor for Understanding our requests.


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