A story from a former street boy

We are back from Sweden now and have had a very BIG welcome. I met Vincent who we stay with and have help part of his education.

Read his story:


I was born on 20 November ,1991
In a small town of Kisumu suburbs known to be the dwelling place of the low class in the town .I was born and brought up in a family of four ,and third born of all my other siblings .Our family was one happy family because my father and mother did all the best they could to make b merry and live very comfortable and luxurious lives . My early childhood was filled with love and joy that I got rom my loving and caring parents and from my other siblings who always made my life complete .Truly speaking ,I enjoyed my childhood days
As the old adage states, everything that has a beginning, has an end. All my childhood joys and happiness turned into sorrow and bitterness as my loving father fell terribly ill .My mother took him to different clinics and hospitals ,both public and private but his disease could not be treated .Since I was only a toddler boy , I could not understand what kind of disease he had that even the most skilled and train doctors could no cure Up to now ,I don’t know that disease but (it being said that it was HIV –AIDS) I wish I could because believe it or not ,my poor father passed away the ear 1996When I as only five years old, leaving us under the solo care of our mother.

My fathers sudden death caused a lot of distress to all of us and it was indeed a bitter pill to swallow .He left a hollow gap in our lives and the realization that I would never set my eyes on my father again soon dawned on me and I became very miserable because I really adored him very much , I guessed that’s why the say like father like son .My mother became so lonely and stress and as time flew by she soon became ill and e had to care for her we really struggles to keep her in hospital and or cruel relatives took this chance to grab or few belongings They took everything that once had had existed in our humble home and sent our mother packing and chase her away .We never set our eyes on her again.

The sad happenings around us made my elder sister become stressed and worried and she soon kicked the bucket leaving u all alone. We were taken under the care of my cruel uncle who always beat us with any petty mistake we did .My other siblings could not bear this anymore and as a result, they all ran away and I have never known where they went to .I was left alone and I was denied food and education .This went on for sometimes and I made up my mind to solve the problem of child labor by running away and join the street life where all the other desperate found comfort.

You an imagine how life is at the street there was no food ,no water no education and no shelter ,people everywhere look down upon us and they always chased us away from public places claiming that we were only thieves waiting to grab the ladies and gentlemen purses an wallets .During the cold nights ,we could look for old sack and clothes thrown away by rich people and cover ourselves then light fire in old tin can and sit squeezed and hurdled close b each other and ponder on how our lives are cruel and miserable .Due to all the struggles and hardship in our lives ,we sought our comfort by sniffing shoe-gum and car diesel .Thts when a few of my friends and I collected some money by begging from people so that we could go to school.

Each on of us sit in a public place like supermarket s ,hospitals ,petrol station and school waiting for any well-wishers to give us even a penny .fortunately enough after some times we had collected some thing to begin with and we joined primary school in a local school I Kisumu. That’s when good luck fall on us and God sent us an angel on earth .A well wisher from no where came and decided to accommodate us sometimes and sometimes I went back to street to beg for money. Things went on until I finished my final year in which obtain 364 out of 500.The sorrow that I was experiencing soon turn into joy when some one again decided to give first term fee for first term because of my performance.

While in secondary ,school , I loved mathematics and physics and soon I liked chemistry and biology .I studied very hard and soon I became the first student in the school .i was the teachers pet and all the teachers loved me .I joined different clubs and liked sport as well. My greatest achievement in school s that I started Christian union club which is still active .My hobbies are reading novels, bibles and visiting the cyber café where I browse in the internet and browse with friends, preaching to youths while in school I develop to be strong liking to the science subjects and my ambition is to be a mechanical engineer or electrical, or study actuarial science In future . I soon got over my problem but on thing to recalls that I was once a mere street boy.
I liked helping my friends and always ready to lend my listening hear to any one who needs my advice .For now I do not most of my family members except my little sister who stayed with a good hearted mother though life is not good but she has to live no where to go. At the moment I stay with my good friend wo has always showed me the love and affection .My God always is with me and that’s why am not afraid to tell the world that I love Him and I don’t know where I could be without him. The things that makes me happy always is that I know God always there for me and that I have friend who care for me ,JESUS .i intent to help most of other street children and orphans who find themselves in a situation like this mine through mine new found Hope to the hopeless and inspire them through its branch called Jesus is the Answer Ministry and I believe that I can make it .Please help me to achieve my Goals by supporting me financially and spiritually to run this my projects. Any sponsorship should contact me through ochiengvincent74@yahoo.com.or ochiengvincent37@yahoo.com .God bless you all fo supporting me.Any arrangement for me to visit you so that we arrange everything especially for running my project .I have the proposal for the project if anyone is willing then I an ready to give it to you.


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  1. vincent ochieng Says:

    As say goes ‘Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.My life has changed ever since i met a great friend of mine ,who has been instrumental in giving back the lost happiness,love that every child deserve,JOSEPH OPIYO OLALE ,he has done great things in my life ,i have ,offering me a house to stay in his guest house ,enabling me to finish my high school ,and to act as a sign of love one’s son he Gave me an expensive phone that most of my teenage do not have,he is like a second father to me as i can say it now because all basic needs are on his head, .JOSEPH may God grant you all your desires and accept my own hearty thanks for all your attention to me
    I think I owe great thanks to you since you have listened to me over the years, you have tuned on your ears. you have given me a warmth and loyalty that I’ve never been able to repay. The way you have reached out to me has certainly been the highlight of my life.

  2. angelina Says:

    thank you so much for this greats informations !!! good work

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