Last presentations in Sweden

We Friends Pioneer community at large wish to extend their gratitude to all the Universities,Folk High School, Gymnasium,Volvo,Rotary,VUH Board, Lions Club,Red cross SIF Football Team all in Sweden.For there cooporation and accepting to Listen to Our Presentation extending a hand here and there where it was needed.We would also be pleased to inform you that we will be more than happy if you would follow the Development of Friends Pioneer Project.We are also requesting those who would like to Join the Friends Pioneer Team to contact us.

As Chrismas is approching we are also informing you that Friends Pioneer is Going to start BUY A CARD to support our programmes,which will come in handy to expand our street children project called LIFE BEGINS WITH EDUCATION.However in January we will be starting a coin drop in box in various shops and supermarket both in Sweden and Kenya To keep on facilittating the simmilar programmes.We are therefore requesting People who would like to be enganged in this type of Projects to also contact us.
With all the due regards
Friends Pioneer Team.

`We can not talk about HIV/AIDs, Drug Abuse to Kids who have not gone to School´( Sven Tumba) Kids umbrella.

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