Meeting with Tumba Fondation- Sports for education.

While in Sweden Friends Pioneer met Sven Tumba of Tumba Educational Fund and the wife Mona, who was very jovial. We will describe her as a Kind hearted woman who welcomed us to her place with an open heart. We had a meeting with Mr Tumba and we are still having talks on how we would build a sustainable School in Kisumu to help mostly street Kids and make this project be a reality. The Talks are still on, though but hopefully we may get this Project moving. I will discribe Mr Tumba as an old kind hearted Man with Youth and kids at heart. Mr Tumba talked to us, discribing the project too late for the world and he said- “How can the kids learn about AIDS, Drugs and they have not gone to school”

We then met Mr Algren who intruduced us to RECOBA, a Fomer player, which Friends Pioneer did presentation of the Projects. He was touched with what Friends Pioneer was doing. He promised to work hand in hand with friends pioneer and he will follow our projects to the latter.

Mr Tumba, Joseph, Jerry and Bo Setterlund

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