Seminars in Sweden – right now!

FriendsPioneer is in full swing with the seminars in Sweden right now.

22 presentations have been booked but there is still room to book, there is a lot of weekdays and if you can stretch to the weekends as well, there’s more. So take the opportunity and book a meeting.

We will enter feedback and response from completed seminar under Categories ->Response. You can already see the feedback from last time Friends Pioneer was in Sweden.

These schools and organizations have already booked a meeting with FriendsPioneer for a talk about the life in Kisumu and how Friends Pioneer work against poverty: Röda korset/the red cross, Vittra Gymnasium, Billströmska fhsk Tjörn, Ekocentrum in Göteborg, Globala Gymnasiet Göteborg, Rosendalsskolan Uppsala, Viebäcks fhsk, Sörängens fhsk, Bona fhsk Motala, Blekinge Läns fhsk, Valla fhsk Linköp, Linköpings studenters, Jakobsbergs fhsk, Kaggeholms fhsk, Ekebyhovsskolan, Sundbybergs fhsk, Berslagens fhsk, Jensen Gymnsium Väst, Ljungskile fhsk, Kullens mellanstadieskola, Jensen östra, sthlm, Lions GBG.

Too book a meeting contact Jerry Sjöberg on 08 56032777, 0722330017 or :, Joseph Opiyo Olale can be reached on 0738730444 or just leave a message under this blog post and we will contact you!

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