Gas for cooking and new guests!

We are happy to bring upp “Biogas for cooking” from project ideas to actually running projects so its making a progress.

The swedish student Claes will work on a project in Kisumu! The project is going to try to establish gas for cooking as an alternative to charcoal. In Kenya, the use of charcoal for cooking the main reason for the deforesting, which leads to significant environmental problems. It is the biggest climate impact. You can read more here.

Rasmus is also soon coming to us and stay in our guest house. He will be doing he’s thesis at Vi-skogen in Kisumu, he will work with information, graphics and print production for a agroforestry programme.

Rasmus and Cleas will also bring football clothes for teams in Nyalenda Football Cup. The cup started in 2006 and the idea was that a fotbollscup can create social networks for children in Nyalenda. You can read more in the blog post just below  and in this post!

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2 Responses to “Gas for cooking and new guests!”

  1. billy Says:

    gas in not anything new, besides it can be dangerous if it´s handle in wrong way, so is there future for that product, I doubt it.

  2. stephen Says:

    this a great idea that will go hand in mitigating climate change pangs..cheers!!

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