Siw-Inger Halling from Rosendalsgymnasiet

Here is a travelstory from one of our visitors Siw-Inger Halling:

“In February  my daughter Matilda and I had the oppurtunity to visit Kisumu, Joseph and Friends Pioneer. The main purpose was to prepare for a field study coming October with students from Rosendalsgymnasiet, Uppsala but we also brought two laptops from INUG in Sweden to Google yourself out of Poverty       (the internet café in the container).
Joseph invited us to stay in the Guesthouse in the slumarea and  during daytime we visited Tip Top School with the young children and St. Joseph Secondary School with the teenagers. It is very interesting to come and by your own eyes see what you have heard so much about. Joseph is a very big entrepeneur and is very much respected and appriciated by the people in the area. Both the schools are well maintained and it is a very positve atmosphere among the children and stuff.
We very much look forward to our cooperation projekt between Friends Pioneer and Rosendalsgymnasiet. 10 October we are coming with 25 students from The International Program to study developing issues in Kisumu for two weeks. Some of them will work with VI-skogen but most of them will work with Friends Pioneer and the children in the schools. It is a great oppurtunity for swedish students to learn about living conditions in a developing country and to see how initiativ from one man and a lot of work and support from others can change the life to the better for many children and their families. Siw-Inger Halling”


Joseph with the computers we brought!

4 Responses to “Siw-Inger Halling from Rosendalsgymnasiet”

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  3. Feroz Hasan Says:

    Dear Sivve,
    At last I’ve found u in my computer. It’s really charming. I really am waiting for u to chat on the internet.
    I even don’t know whether u will read it or not.
    Hope for the best,
    Feroz, Bangladesh.

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