Guest house going well, and IT-café, and school!

Guest House

Guest House

The guest house constantly has new visitors.
Five students from Folkhögskolan in Kildare has just been there and now continued to Mombasa, before returning home to Sweden,  April 9.
The studnets helped us with the promotion and study of IT café as well as helped at the school, and visited a number of children supported by FriendsPioneer 
IT café now has an income of 800-1200 kes/day and a cost of 12,000 kes/month + salaries. Earnings 8000 kes/month before salaries. 8000 kes represents a monthly salary. The new computers are working well, and we will now install Open Office on them.
Have a look at TipTop schools old toaletts:


Because the school will soon have new lavatories!
Then the plan is to build a gate and then planted trees.
Installation of gas rings in the school has gone well and they have just bought a larger burners to speed up cooking, though this has proved to be very expensive. So we are considering options that biogas or solar.
We have 4 students coming to us soon that will investigate alternatives to coal-fired stove in Nyalenda, during May to August. 
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3 Responses to “Guest house going well, and IT-café, and school!”

  1. Marcus Wendin Says:

    Devloping a better gas-kitchen system:

    Two students, Camilla and Sofi, from Stockholm University will ”identify bottlenecks in terms of social, knowledge and economic to using gas kitchen in Nyalenda” Maj to June.

    Two other students, Anna and Maria, from Royal University of Technology (KTH) will continue the work and ”identify the potential in biogas for the gas kitchen, in Nyalenda” June to july

  2. Marcus Wendin Says:

    Swedish description of the project Devloping a better gas-kitchen system / Förbättrad lösning för gaseldad matlagning i Nyalenda.
    1) I ett första steg så har vi installerat gasspis i Josephs Guest House. Det funkade bra.
    2) Sedan installerade vi det på skolan Tip Top. Köket var för litet så det tog för lång tid. Vi köpte en större brännare och nu går det tillräckligt fort, men gasen kostar för mycket att köpa. (Tack till VUH)
    3) Nu ska 4 studenter utvärdera möjligheterna i Nyalenda att övergå från kol till gas och eventuellt andra energibärare. De kommer inrikta sig på intervjuer om inställning och ekonomi samt informera om risker med kol och möjligheter med andra energislag. (Tack till Miljöbron, Siwe på KTH och Ken Levicky)

    4) En designer, Douglas Helman kommer att undersöka lösningar för att distribuera gas till hushåll.

    5) Sen behöver vi lösa tillgången på biogas och där hoppas vi på hjälp från Karolina Hagegård

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