Responses from presentations in Sweden.

 Here we publish the response from people that have listened to Joseph during his visit in Sweden Autumn 2008.

If you’ve heard Joseph, please send us some response! Good and bad!




Bona folkhögskola

Hallo Joseph, Thank you for visiting us at Bona folk high school in Motala. We are very glad you came here to tell us about Kenya and your project, you did it  in an excellent way, the audiance really appriciated your presentation. Just some remarks: when you speak fastly, it can be a little difficult to follow your english, so take it easy (if possible, the facts are of course often shocking). For me the film about the glue boys was a little too long, perhaps you could omit the professor who speaks about how dangerous the glue is. I think most people realize that already, and the pictures of the boys sleeping in the streets are so shocking so they speak for themselves. It wouldn´t be wrong to speak a little more about Kenya in general as an introduction, I think many in he audiance are interested also to hear a little more about such things like the nature, climate and so forth. It was very interesting to hear about the many languages that are spoken in Kenya. The finishing story about the sick girl who was cured was really good, I think everybody in the audiance were moved at heart by it.
Hope to see you again, Joseph!
Yours Klas


Kaggeholm folkhögskola

Hello Joseph, many thanks for all information You shared with us today. It really was a touching hour for all of us. You have a very high degree of credibility when You describe the situation for children in Kenya. You are engaged and seems to be hundred percent earnest in Your presentation. The DVD-film is very strong – it`s impossible not being very moved when watching and listening to these parentless, very poor children living on the streets. It`s really heart-breaking. 
Afterwards I talked to some students, and they were very thankful and touched.
Greetings Nils-Eije Stävare.


B i l l s t r ö m s k a f o l k h ö g s k o l a n – T j ö r n

Dear Joseph, I want to thank you so much for your visit to our school. I know that the students, as well as us teachers, were very moved by your presentation. Although some of them had a little problem
understanding your Kenyan accent, I am sure that all of them understood the main part, and that they realize how your people suffer, but also the wonderful work that you and your organisation do. Your friendly way and passion for what you do charmed us all and these qualities are really important in conveying your message in a convincing way. They talked about you and what you said afterwards, and I am certain that many of them are eager to see how your work progresses. We have the website address to Friends Pioneer and we will surely keep updated.

From deep down of my heart I wish you the best of luck in the future. What you do is heroic!


M 3     K u l l e n s c h o o l: m e l l a n s t a d i e k l a s s 3 – K u n g ä l v

Hello Joseph!
Thank you very much for visiting us at Kullens school. We really liked to watch the photos from Kenya and to lisen to all your stories! It was a little hard to understand your English but we understood most of it. We look forward to get penpals, it will be exciting! From all the pupils in M3 at Kullens school.


L j u n g s k i l e f o l k h ö g s k o l a

Josephs presentation and himself as a person made a strong impression on the students.

These are some of the comments:
– Interesting! – About this I did not have a clue – What a great movie! -You could really feel that he was truly engaged in his endeavor.

Nice that Joseph is so personal and talked about his parents whishes contra his own concerning his education etc. 

We wish all engaged in this project – all good!

Best Regards Lena Andersson


B e r g s l a g e n s f o l k h ö g s k o l a

We are very happy with Josephs presentation for us and the student got really interrested of his work in Kenya. We will discuss a continuation when the students comes back from the autumn leave.

Arent Persson, Rektor

R o s e n d a l s g y m n a i e t

Joseph met first about 50 students who will all go to Kenya during next year on field studies. The movie he started with about The Glue Boys was a tuff but good start. The movie really touched the students and made a good backgound to talk about Friends Pioneer. During his presentation about the organisation and the work they do it was very easy to follow his english and the power point had interesting information. And he woke a lot of awarness about the problems in Kenya but also offered a good portion of hope. It is possible to make difference!

During the afternoon he met 25 students who had listened in the morning but now we could more specifically talk about their own field studies which will take part with Friends Pioneer in Kisumu next year. They had a lot of questions and Joseph had a very good interaction with them. After the meeting they felt much more informed about how the conditions will be on their field studies.
In the evening we had a parents meeting and Joseph gave 1/2 hour information about Friends Pioneers activities. Even the parents had some questions and he could answer them very clear.
We from Rosendalsgymnsiet are very content with Josephs visit and we are really looking forward to continue our cooperation.
On behalf of the students and staff at the International program, Rosendalsgymnaiet
Sivve Halling


V i t t r a  V a s a s t a n

Hello Joseph!

Your visit at our school made an impact on teachers as well as students.
I think it was a good presentation, and you could talk more specific about Your work and for how long you have been doing this.
You could also more directl tal about how every person can support you. ver all, it was good and interesting.

We are going to talk about how we can support you in the future. I will stay in contact!

All the best from Annett Bawel



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