Kisumu – eye witness januari 2008

One of the supporters of Friends Pioneer is visiting one of her other projects in Kisumu area. This is what she tells us:

I am briefly in Kisumu as had to meet a guy conserning the water pump repair in Kosele. Parts of Kisumu are fine and other parts are totally burnt out, burnt cars on their ends are used as road blocks. I am fascinated to know how they get the cars to stand on their ends and not fall over. The violence comes in waves as the protest marches are organised for each week. Protesters (peaceful) in Kisumu were fired on with live bullets as they were running away and women and children were among the dead and injured. The real problems are the looters taking advantage of the situation to ransack everywhere.
In between these waves everything is slowly settling back into a routine and the market ladies are out in the street selling at every opportunity. The ones that are suffering most are the extremely remote areas (no good for me) and the displace kikuyu who are actually sadly getting their come -uppance as they have used and abused the other tribes for a few years now.

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