23 January 2008

The situation after the December election has changed Kenya. The opposition has its base in Kisumu, where Friends Pioneer acts.

Dear sponsors and supporters of Friends Pioneer

We hope you have had a good Christmas Holiday.

Happy New Year to all our supporters and sponsors of Friends Pioneer and all those who have expressed their concerns on the current sad and distressing situation that is making headline news here in Kenya and all over the world.

So far everyone at Friends Pioneer is fine including their families. Marcus and Maja our Swedish Trustees from Sweden are safely back to Sweden but had to cut their stay short because of the political tension
Chrissy White from hope for children in U.K one of our sponsor organizations had to go to Tanzania until the situation get better.
The Secondary students and the sponsored children are still at home over the holidays, some stranded there by the insecurity and roadblocks, only venturing out to buy food and collect water.
Many children have been orphaned many children have been left homeless and the situation is getting from bad to worse. We hope for a lasting solution.

The school opening days have been changed by the government from 7th January to 14 January due to insecurity and we hope by then everything will have returned back to normal.
Everyone at Friends Pioneer and in Kenya just want to get on with their lives, to make up for lost time, the economic situation is hard, houses, livestock, food, worth hundreds of shillings have been destroyed and the reason why food prices have gone up, children now want to go back to school, so more than ever we need your continued help and support to help us continue with our work in Kenya.

We will keep you well informed and thank you once again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

We will be sending a full updates

Friends Pioneer Team

Keelo junction

Keelo junction

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